Apprenticeship Utilization Workshop for Training Agents and Business Representatives

Many apprentice programs have apprentices that need to be dispatched.


The general workforce is aging, as many trades across state have an average age of over 45. Now is the time to step-up the transition process and to help make sure we have an educated, skilled, and productive workforce for the many projects coming!

Apprentices (regardless of the craft) are a critical piece of the construction workforce. This workforce is forever changing, and the goals and requirements for apprentice utilization can be difficult to hit. These are some of the issues we will be addressing. The Washington State Labor Council, in partnership with Regional Education Training Center, will provide this interactive, educational workshop to help you better understand the significance and purpose for increasing the percentage of employer Training Agents employing Apprentices.

Contact: Kairie Pierce 360-791-1583 (mobile)
or Sean Bagsby 253-448-1133 (mobile)
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